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What is Hedge Shamanism?

I use the description Hedge Shamanism to refer to the ancient everyday practices and wisdom that have been kept alive in this world since the earliest times. By using this ancient, ancient wisdom we can make fundamental changes to our lives and heal ourselves. Indeed since shamanism first came into my life it has enabled me to make changes I would scarcely have believed possible.

In England we have no native Shaman with direct traditions going back to the ancient times. Between the Catholic Church and the Romans these ancient teachers and healers were cruelly suppressed. We now have paths such as Wicca and Druidism which have looked and learned from the times before . Hedge Shamanism is another path that I have learned as an apprentice to others who have trained with indigenous peoples. but it is firmly set in the context of the Western European world. It is a combination of the wisdom I have learned from, indigenous Shamanism from Central and South America together with Universalist Shamanic principles and other ancient teachings.

I call it “Hedge” because it is safe and easy to learn. It can be successfully engaged in by anyone in a home setting in everyday life as long as you observe its boundaries. Other forms of Shamanism can be dangerous – not all Shamans are “ethical”, indigenous Shaman need to make a living, and not all processes are “safe”. Hedge Shamanism is as ethical as you are and as safe as you want it to be.

What are the origins of Hedge Shamanism?

The word ‘Shaman’ originates from Siberia where it was used to describe the tribal medicine man or woman. It is now commonly applied to most indigenous spiritual traditions– including Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and Finnish Sami who all continue to practice. Shamanism works with the ancient, ancient wisdom's of this earth to change and heal ourselves, our communities and the world around us. Although Shamanism can be practiced in many different ways, there are certain concepts and characteristics that are shared. across the world. these include:

  • Everything has a spirit.
  • Everything is connected – there is a web of life.
  • Humans should honour the natural world and the earth – Mother Earth.
  • There are at least four elements: - Air, Fire, Water and Earth
  • We should honour our ancestors and work with them
    In addition to our own world, There are at least three other worlds (some believe in many more) that exist in other realities parallel to our own. In Universalist Shamanism they are called :
  • The Upper World
  • The Middle World
  • The Lower World

    We can “journey” to these realms to gain information, advice and insight.
    The Upper and Lower Worlds are safe to journey to once you have learned how to do this. The Middle World is much more challenging – it is not safe to travel there without help. I do not be teach how to work there although I work there myself in healing and coaching. It is not somewhere to go without face to face training with a reputable and experienced Shamanic Practitioner or Shaman. (Please Do not ignore this warning - you can get hurt.)
  • Spirit communicates directly with us, but Spirit usually speaks in metaphor which needs careful interpretation.
  • We have helping spirits – Power Animals and Teachers in Human Form.
  • When we are born at least one spirit is there to help us – BUT it is not there to protect us from life’s lessons!
  • We are all made up of both shadow and light.

    A shaman works on behalf of a community to help with:
  • The spiritual aspects of sickness
  • Divination for a community

    Let me be clear I am not a Shaman. I am a Shamanic Practitioner. I cannot and would not give myself the name Shaman. (The search engines require that I include the word on my title page for you to find me. I find this very challenging!)

  • Core Tools

    In Hedge Shamanism our core tools are:

  • Journeying to the Upper and Lower Worlds and our own Shamanic Garden: This means “traveling” to another “world” in “non-ordinary reality” where we can learn things which are helpful to our lives and to meet “teachers” who we can work with in everyday life.
  • Ceremony: We use ceremony to thank, to make requests and to allow ourselves to move on.
  • Vision Quest. We use Vision Quest to work on big and important issues in our lives. It is a very powerful tool.
  • Oracles. We use these to answer questions and gain advice.
  • Receiving guidance and support from the the spirits of stones and plants – the stone and plant people. In We “talk” to these to gain understanding.

    You can learn to use these tools to turn your life around either through coaching or teaching.

  • What next?. Personal Hero - Sunrise

    If, after reading this website,

    you feel my approach might be helpful, please contact me. I would love to support you on your journey.
    There is no obligation. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have.
    If you are a new enquirer I suggest you contact me initially by email so we can arrange an informal telephone conversation. Please click on the email envelope symbol to the right.

    Please note I am a Shamanic practitioner. I am not a doctor, psychotherapist, or other registered professional. Any advice, healing, or teaching at a workshops, is offered to supplement medical or other conventional treatment. Please consult your doctor or other health care professional for any physical or psychological conditions you may be experiencing.

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    Fees for One to One work.

    My rates are designed to ensure that whatever your income you can undertake this work in a way which is fair and reciprocal. These rates are for a Normal 1 - 1½ Hours One on One Session. If a longer session is required, such as for Soul Retrieval or long ceremony, then the rates will vary.
    Rates are based on your paying me roughly what you earn per hour. They are based on Trust. Funds must be paid before the session by BACs.

    Unemployed, GIG etc
    Please discuss what you can afford to pay or what you could contribute in lieu.

    Employed / Pensioners – regular income
    Up to £10,000 per annum £10.00 per session
    Up to £20,000 per annum £15.00 per session
    Up to £30,000 per annum £20.00 per session
    Up to £40,000 per annum £30.00 per session
    Up to £50,000 per annum £45.00 per session
    Up to £60,000 per annum £60.00 per session
    Over £60,000 per annum £75.00 per session

    Self employed
    Your hourly charged rate.

    Cancellations must be given a minimum of twenty four hours in advance or the full fees will be charged.

    One to one in person sessions are normally held in Beckenham just a few minutes walk from Beckenham Junction or Ravensbourne Stations - please see the map at the bottom of the page for directions by public transport. There is free on street parking.

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    I do ceremony where ever it is needed. The costs depend on where, how long and why. A Handfasting wedding ceremony would typically be three days work, a Despachio or Fire ceremony is usually one day. Again contact me so we can discuss what you want and need.

    Courses and Retreats

    I am an experienced facilitator and teacher. I love running courses and retreats. If you are interested see my page for current Courses and Retreats and then follow the links to book.

    How to find me.

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