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Twelve Month Apprenticeship Programme

The Apprenticeship Programme builds on the self-healing techniques of Hedge Shamanism to become safe and competent to work independently as a Shamanic Practitioner in Hedge Shamanism by:
1. Developing the student’s own path and relationship with Spirit.
2. Learning the Shamanic techniques of Hedge Shamanism which can be used safely as a Shamanic Practitioner to enable independent working with people and the land.
3. Understanding the risks and best safe Shamanic practice for working with clients.

On completion of this course students will receive a certificate of competent practice as a Hedge Shamanic Practitioner. During the course they can have student insurance and on completion they can insure as a Shamanic Practitioner.

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Apprenticeship Programme


This course will be based at least 75 hours teaching. How this will be delivered in 2022/2023 will depend on circumstances such as Covid. In 2021/2022 this included:
• 1½ to 2 hour sessions of online tuition of both theory and experiential practice
• ½ hour of one-to-one on line supervision per month
• 8 days of practical experiential learning of techniques.
It is expected that students will need to spend at least as much time again:
• practicing the techniques, including four one-to-one sessions with clients
• working on their Spiritual path
to complete the apprenticeship within the minimum 12 months.

Handouts on the theory and checklist on techniques will be provided to students.

In order to complete this apprenticeship previous training will need to be completed, either through 20 x 2 hours self-healing Hedge Shamanism lessons or by demonstrating prior learning by application and interview :

Understanding and being competent in:
• Setting intention
• Cleansing
• Opening and closing space
• Understanding the role of, creating, and maintaining an Altar
• Using a Shamanic Journal
• Journeying safely and with ease to: Shamanic Garden, Upper World and Lower World
• Meeting and continuing to work with Power Animals and Teachers in Human Form including merging.
• Interpreting journey and other signs safely recognising that normally signs need to be triangulated except in exceptional
circumstances. Understand how to recognise exceptional circumstances.
• Understanding protection, how, where and when to use protection.
• Understanding the nature of the Middle World and how to work safely in the Middle World.
• Finding, merging, and working with your protector spirit
• Working with Time River and Ancestors and finding and working with a Ancestor.
• Working with candle or fire ceremony.
• Working in the Shamanic Garden to self-heal with Spirit
• Using ceremony to Self-Heal.

If you have not covered some of the materiel but have previous experience one on one on line sessions can be completed to cover any areas which are not yet understood.

Basic Theory
• Theory of Practising as a Shamanic Practitioner including the role of Spirit in the process.
• Understanding and managing the risks of Shamanic Practice and safe practice in Shamanism
• Consent in Shamanism
• Practicalities of seeing clients, including record keeping.
• Safe ceremony
• The importance of integration and client support during integration

Practical Hedge Shamanism Skills for Healing Others
• Journeying for others
• Dowsing
• Using wands: picker, feather and smoothing wands.

Practical Hedge Shamanism Healing techniques for People
• Cord-cutting.
• Illumination and extraction techniques
• Retrieving lost body parts.
• Soul Retrieval
• Psychopomp
• Possession and Dispossession Techniques
• Curse theory and undoing the curses we have put on others

Practical Hedge Shamanism Healing for Land
• Why and how to heal Land
• Space Clearing
• Soul Retrieval for Land

• How to create, deliver and move on a Despachio.
• Developing your own ceremonial techniques
• Leading Ceremony including safety with Fire Ceremony
• Developing your rituals

Developing your Spiritual Infrastructure
• Completing a Pilgrimage and at least one Vision Quest
• Completing Death and Rebirth ritual
• Identifying which teachers to work with e.g., Stone People, Plant People, The Elements, The Winds, Deities

Assessment of competence will be based on:
• Completing supervised sessions with clients/ other students during the course for each of the following techniques:
Extraction techniques
Retrieving lost body parts.
Soul Retrieval
Possession and Dispossession
Land and space clearing
Land soul retrieval

• preparing for the session, completing client records where appropriate.
• explaining to the client the what will/has happened, the benefits and what work will be needed for integration
• writing up, reviewing and reflecting on what went well and what could have gone better.
• one-to-one supervision session reviews.
• leading a ceremony, including preparing some of the student’s own material during the face-to-face taught sessions.
• understanding the place of Spirit in healing as demonstrated by oral discussions and the student’s Journal. This should include
the completion of a pilgrimage led by Spirit and at least one Vision Quest.
• completing at least four sessions outside the face-to-face teaching with clients.
Students will need to demonstrate at least three different techniques and :-
• how they prepared for the session, including completing new client records where appropriate.
• demonstrate they explained to the client the what will happen prior to the healing/ceremony and what has happened, the
benefits of the practice and what work will be needed for integration after the healing/ceremony.
• writing up, reviewing and reflecting on what went well and what could have gone better.
• final informal assessment interview during the last one-to one session.


This programme is designed so that individuals who have specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, may complete the course without having a very high level of literacy. Assessment will be done orally and pictorially where possible. For example, although students will be required to write up sessions and keep client records, there will not be a requirement for client notes to be understood by anyone other than the Shamanic Practitioner. An oral explanation of the notes will be required to demonstrate that, at a later date of of up to seven years (the legally required minimum time for record keeping) the Shamanic Practitioner can recall important details of a session.

Students can demonstrate their understanding through a combination of written and/or oral and/or supervised sessions and/or client practice sessions-
• The theory behind Shamanic Practitioner Healing.
• The risks for both themselves and their clients of Shamanic Practitioner Healing and how to mitigate these risks
• The Shamanic Spiritual Practice which underpins their work.
• Practical Techniques: -
Working with a new client including record keeping, confidentiality and consent.
Identify the areas the Shamanic Practitioner should be working on with the client in a session.
Understand when to use, how to conduct, have completed and recorded, the following techniques:
Extraction techniques
Retrieving lost body parts.
Soul Retrieval
Possession and Dispossession
Land and space clearing
Land soul retrieval
Understanding Curse Theory, what to refer to a more experienced practitioner and what can be done safely
Telling a Shamanic Story in a way that a client can understand the message.

Teaching a client basic self-help technique including:-
Bringing back your power and sending back others power
Basic protection
Bringing yourself back into your own body
Cleaning heavy energy
Gift giving
Cleansing yourself
Cleansing your environment.
Use of ceremony
The importance of Integration and client support during Integration

The course can be extended for those who have found it difficult to complete on time or need additional work on a particular area of learning. Costs will be negotiable depending on the input required. In normal circumstances a course would be extended for not more than a year.

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