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Ceremony. Personal Hero - Fire


I conduct ceremony regularly alone and with groups. Ceremony is central to my Practice as a Shaman.

I often complete Despachio which is a very beautiful sacred prayer ceremony with other people

I hold fire ceremonies regularly, often at my or others homes to celebrate the annual and monthly cycles. I love drumming.

I hold healing circles.

I also conduct ceremony to celebrate Handfastings the ceremony to celebrate marriage.

Ceremony. Despachio layout


A despachio is a prayer offering which comes from the Q'ero Shamanic tradition in Peru which is the tradition I was first apprenticed to as a Shamanic Practitioner. In Peru a despachio varies from a small offering in your hand to an all day ceremony.

I will conduct a Despachio wherever it is needed not just in South East London. I like to work with the ancient sites and our ancesters so I have conducted Despachio ceremony on Stonehenge, Evora (Portugal), Avebury, The Hurlers and Rollwright Stones and Coldrum stones in Kent among others. However I also conduct it in gardens, woods, on beach or any other land which feels appropriate.

A Despachio is given for a huge variety variety of occasions and reasons:- moving house, thanks for healing or prayer for healing, blessings for a wedding etc as well as offering to the land and our ancestors. They are gifts to support change and/or thank Mother earth for gifts.

They are sacred events but also joyous. They are in two parts. Firstly we make a bundle which consists of a huge variety of symbolic offerings to the mother earth and the mountains (spirit) and then we either burn, bury or offer the bundle to water. The two halves of the ceremony may be separated, sometimes by a few weeks. I particularly like to complete ceremony for and with our ancestors on Neolithic sites for ancestral healing.

Ceremony. Claridge fire ceremony

Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies are sacred celebrations.I use fire ceremonies to celebrate and respect the changing seasons; Solstices, equinoxes, Beltane, Imbolc, Samhain and Lamas and often when working with the moon as well as on courses, at weddings and ........

A fire ceremony can include song, drumming, dancing, story telling, prayer, invocation, giving our troubles to the fire, cooking marshmallows depending on the occasion and often include all of these. Through working with the sacred fire we can gain insight through the veil. I love fire ceremony!

Ceremony. DRum circle

The Drum and Drum Circles

I take my drums into nature and work with them on my own whenever I need access to Spirit. People often see me walking through my local park with my drum slung across my shoulders or sitting somewhere on the ground drumming. My drum is my sacred tool for spiritual work and my key tool for personal or clients journeying.

I hold very regular drum circles and I take part in others. Drumming in groups is a sacred song. Often my drum circles are combined with fire or other ceremony. I have a set of small Shamanic drums which I designed and painted so that people who do not own their own drums can take part in this sacred song. I have designed and painted my own Shamanic drums.

Ceremony. Heartcandles

Handfasting - Wedding Celebration

I conduct Ceremony for weddings. Often this would be a Handfasting followed by a Despachio. The Despachio could then be offered by being burnted on a sacred fire, buried often under a plant or offered to the sea or a river. Despachio is commonly given to the earth, fire, air or wster at a later time.

If you would like me to conduct your ceremony I will work with you to plan the details for your day.

Ceremony. Healing circle

Healing Circle and Distance Healing

I hold regular open healing circles with my daughter who is an Animal Healer. These are held at least monthly on the last Wednesday of the month but supplemented by additional circles when there are specific needs. These are open for clients and friends to attend if they wish.

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