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Retreats and Courses 2019

"It was so wonderful to meet Sarah teaching on a retreat and learn with her. She has great commitment in her teachings. She promotes other's development allowing them to be themselves and stimulating people to build and recover their own power and energy. " Marianna Santos

I passionately believe in teaching new skills which allow you to take back your power and develop it so you can fly and be grounded. Through many years I have been so privileged to facilitate many people to move successfully through big changes and challenges in their lives.

I run day, weekend and week long courses in Urban and Hedge Shamanism, safe personal ways of living and healing oneself. I run courses in the England: weekend retreats with Claridge House and short courses at other venues mostly in central London.

Weekend Courses 2019

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Weekend Retreat: Working with Shamanic Animals at Claridge House Lingfield Surrey 5th - 7th July 2019

On this weekend will work with the animals to move forward on our personal journeys. We will use Journeying, Vision Quest and Fire Ceremony. This weekend is suitable for those who have no experience but will include new work for those who have worked with me before. This weekend will be held at and booked through Claridge House

Weekly Evening Courses in Central London

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Learn How to Journey June and July 2019

I am running a six week introduction to Shamanic Journeying. You will learn how to safely gain information from non ordinary reality using the sound of the drum. We will visit our Shamanic Garden, the Lower and Upper world. Over the six weeks you will become confident in safely using this amazing tool to enhance your life and heal.

The sessions will be held at Clearly Destiny which is five minutes walk from Euston Station on 6th, 13th, 20th,27th of June and 4th and 11 th July. Sessions will run from 6.30 - 8.00 and can be booked on MeetUp or direct by emailing me and paying on PayPal. Sessions are £12.00 each or if you are booking with me direct £60.00 for the six sessions.

Retreats and Courses 2017 and 2018

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Weekend Retreat: Working with the Stone People at Claridge House Lingfield Surrey 1st-3rd June 2018

Hedge Shamanism is a safe cross-cultural shamanism which anyone can use to work with mother earth and to help themselves move towards becoming whole. Shamanism is as old as humanity itself. It works on the ancient belief that the whole universe is made up of energy. Everything in the universe is linked, because at the core everything is the same energy. We are able to communicate with all things in the universe; be they invisible spirit, tree, rock, animal or person. This weekend we will work with the Stone people. During the experiential workshop, we will work with some of the universal shamanic techniques and learning. We will create a Mesa (a Shamanic alter) and work with stones, fire ceremony and journeying. This course is suitable for beginners but the materials on working with stone people will be new to Claridge House students so those who have attended previous courses will be welcome to attend.

Bookings should be made direct with Claridge House

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Shamanic Healing Journey Stone Henge and Glastonbury 30th June to 8th July 2017

This journey was an exquisite experience with life changing impact on the delegates. Spirit showed so very many signs. For example on the final fire ceremony when we burned the despachio we had made on Stonehenge a small door shaped rainbow appeared in a perfect blue sky. Virtually the only clouds were two small wispy clouds which topped and tailed the rainbow.

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Weekend Retreat Working in your Shamanic Garden at Claridge House Lingfield Surrey 1st-3rd September 2017

We worked with Hedge Shamanism a safe cross-cultural shamanism learning some of the universal shamanic techniques such as creating a Mesa (a Shamanic alter), working with plants, fire ceremony and journeying.
Student feedback on what did you like best about the course:-
"Feeling that my mind was being stretched and opened to new ideas."
"It was presented in such a great way to encourage exploration of the inner self with imagery. "
"My own healing which took place as a result of the journeys."
This was an exceptional weekend of teaching and learning.

Courses and Retreats . Vision Quest Path

Vision Quest Cromeleque dos Almendres Evora Portugal 5th -8th October 2017

In conjunction with GoSpiritual I led a bi lingual weekend Vision Quest at the Cromeleque dos Almendres near Évora in Portugal. A Vision Quest is a Shamanic Practice where you spend time alone, usually in nature, where you can work with spirit to gain general guidance and/or answer specific questions in your life. We spent time preparing and then spent around four hours alone in nature allowing the mind to move into a place of stillness.
One student commented " Thank you Sarah Fox - another beautiful experience. I hope to come to another one soon."

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