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Coaching with Sarah Fox Shamanic Soul Coach

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Sometimes our life journey can seem overwhelming
Working with you one to one I can act as a sign post through theses challenging times and support you on your journey of discovery and personal growth.

I will bring the ancient Shamanic knowledge and teachings together with my thirty years experience of coaching into a sacred, safe space. If you choose I will walk with you for a while; supporting you on your journey and teaching you skills so you can continue down your path. Ultimately the healing and change that occurs will belong to you. You will own it and, with support when you need it, shift your internal energies through to integration.

It is a path to joy, light and self love.
It is important to me that as a Shamanic Practitioner and Soul Coach that we work together to release your strength and power to allow you to move further down your path.

Let us walk that path side by side for a while?
In my one to one sessions I may work as a traditional coach or I may be led to work as a Shamanic Practitioner.

  • I may be led to coaching such as teaching you some practical techniques bedded in everyday like how to say "no" to someone,
  • or to teach you some basic skills of a Hedge Shamanic skills you can safely use yourself such as how to look after your own power or to ground yourself so you feel safe,
  • or to work as a Shamanic Practitioner working with Spirit in Healing using techniques such as
    Soul Retreival or Illumination
  • or to conduct a traditional ceremony,
  • or any or all of these!
    But whatever we do after a one to one session you should leave not only healed but also with a way forward and protected.

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    So what will actually happen?

    Initially I will listen to you as you tell me why you have chosen to come and see me and what you hope to achieve and change. I will work with you to see what is your intention. Maybe this will come from where you want to go next on your path or what you what to change.

    Then I will work with you and Spirit to look at what learning or healing can best help you to achieve your intention to find a way forward and to integrate this learning into your life for long term effective change.

    Some Shamanic Healing Tools I might use in a Session

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    Soul Retrieval

    Sometimes when we look our lives we realise that there is something missing. Maybe something like joy or self confidence. Maybe it is our voice or many things which we long for. Soul retrieval allows us to bring these back into our lives so we can become the person we long to be.

    In a soul retrieval you will go on a Shamanic journey. Often I will go on this journey for you. The purpose of this journey is to find a lost soul part. A lost soul part is part of us which was traumatised and we have split off to keep it safe. This part of the soul will have qualities, which may have been hidden from our lives. Frequently these are qualities such as innocence, joy, beauty or a voice.

    Through this journey you will identify the core wound which caused the split, and what contract was made to protect you from the consequences of that wound. You will rewrite the contract and usually return with the lost soul part. Sometimes clients recognise this lost soul part but are not ready to bring it back in the first session. At other times the client would like it back but it asks that the client to change their behaviour first so it feels safe to return. In these cases a follow up session at a later date is usually necessary to re-unite the splintered off part of the soul within the self.

    This is a profound Shamanic ritual which brings about significant change and requires up to two weeks re-integration. During this time I will be available for support usually by email.

    The session normally lasts around two hours.

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    Illumination is a way to shed new light on an issue, problem or self limiting belief that you have. This new light can bring profound change and heal your life. Illumination can help you to resolve, astonishingly quickly, major issues that you may have thought could never be resolved – often one session will completely change the way you view your life for the better.

    In an illumination session you will firstly identify the issue you want to address and capture this in a key phrase. You will then identify how your life would change if this issue was resolved and you will then check and ensure that you are ready to let it go and move on.

    Following that you will move through a ritual which allows you to face the issue in a safe way without being re-traumatised, and to look at the issue in a different light.

    Finally you will go through a re-integration process after the session. This may take up to two weeks after the session. I will be available for support you through it. This support is usually provided via email.

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